secure anycast tunneling protocol

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µAnytun released

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During holiday i started to work on an alternative implementation of SATP. It's name is µAnytun and it is a tiny implementation written in C.  Unlike Anytun which is a full-featured implementation µAnytun has no support for multiple connections or synchronisation. It is a small single threaded implementation intended to act as a client on small platforms.

The first release of µAnytun can be used to build unencrypted VPN connections for IPv4, IPv6 and Ethernet. It currently supports encapsulation in UDP over IPv4 and IPv6. This release was tested on Linux and OpenBSD. Until now UDP over IPv6 is not supported on OpenBSD because OpenBSD's lack for support of V4-mapped addresses.

 The complete source code can be found at the download section.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 22:38  
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