secure anycast tunneling protocol

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µAnytun 0.3 released

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  • updated to new protocol specification (extended label and crypto role). Mind that due this protocol changes this version is incompatible to older version of anytun and uanytun
  • the auth tag length can now be configured
  • added extended logging support (syslog, file, stdout and stderr)
  • changed -n|--ifconfig parameter to new behavior tun and tap devices now use the same syntax
  • improved tap device handling on OpenBSD
  • fixed name resolution bug
  • fixed ipv6 addrlen bug
  • fixed packet length errors
  • fixed device type detection bug
  • dropping privileges is now possible wihtout chroot
  • some code cleanup


the complete source code of µAnytun 0.3 can be found in the Download Section


Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 22:38  
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